Aeration/Overseeding Services

Let our turf experts improve your lawn

Aerating and overseeding your lawn is one of the best things you can do for it in Northern Virginia. Our lawns suffer from compaction due to a predominant heavy clay soil type. Mechanical core aeration greatly alleviates compaction as well as improves the uptake of water and nutrients.
Overseeding fills in bare areas and increases the density and thickness of your lawn. In addition, not all grass seed is created equal. At Campbell Lawn & Irrigation, we only use the highest quality, blue-tag certified seed. This seed has improved dark green color, disease resistance, drought tolerance and overall appearance. We apply seed at the recommended rate of 5 pounds of seed per thousand square feet.

Turf Care

Benefits of Campbell’s Aeration/Overseeding Services Include:

High quality, blue tag certified seed
Full service irrigation company if irrigation heads are damaged
Seed has improved dark green color & improved drought resistance
Leave behind complimentary bag of seed for touch ups
Campbell's provides flags for clients to mark irrigation heads
Starter fertilizer to enhance seed establishment

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